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Back to School


In any profession, you always want to be learning. For hair stylists, education and staying on top of trends is very important. In order to bring our clients the best new technology, techniques and products, we make sure to invest some solid time in furthering our education. 


It’s always a fun night at the salon when we get together to learn about new products, refresh our memory of old favourites and discuss how to best care for our client’s hair. We got a special treat a few weeks ago when Sherri dropped by to take some photos of the whole thing!  


Luckily, we work with some amazing brands (like Davines) which keep us brushed up on all the amazing features of the lines and new launches while managing to keep us entertained at the same time. A huge thank you to Yuko for making the evening such a blast and sharing all of your knowledge with us! 




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