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Fall Colours 2017

Like it or not, September is here and so begins the wind down of summer. Back to school time is upon us, and we have seen more and more clients come in for a new look to mark the season. Each year we see new trends on celebs, the street or on the runway…here are three of our top picks: 

Ice Queen 

frosty blonde hair ice blonde hair  

Frosty blonde is an ever popular colour, and the high maintenance hue certainly makes a bold statement! While getting to this bright blonde may take several trips to see your stylist, it’s hard to argue with how beautiful platinum blonde can be.  

Bold and Bright

bright orange hair  bold red hair

From the pastel hair we saw all throughout the summer, things are certainly deepening a shade or two for autumn. That could be a jewel toned dark blue or a fiery copper red, depending on your natural colour and preferences. Talk to your colourist to get some ideas about what bold colour would suit you best this season! 

Hand Painting

hair painted balayage  Handpainted Hair

Highlights are always going to be a popular choice at the salon, but this fall expect to hear more and more about a technique called hand painting. We even had an education night with Kevin Murphy recently to hone our painting skills – in this process the stylist is able to be more creative and free-flowing with their colour application.  Check out more on the difference between the two techniques

What colour are you thinking about for fall? 


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