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Hair Colour Maintenance

One of the most fun parts of being a hair stylist is helping our clients transform their look and try something new! We love playing around with colour, and finding you the perfect shade. When you leave our chairs feeling happy and confident, we can always feel great about our work. 


What happens from there until we see you again is up to you! In the time after you leave the salon, a variety of factors can impact the longevity of your colour. How often your hair is washed and with what products is a huge part of how it will look between salon visits. 


We are thrilled that many of our lovely clients have embraced dry shampoos and cut down on their number of weekly washes. Seriously, your locks will thank you! This will not only make you colour last longer (especially with vivids or red hair) but it has many benefits for your overall hair and scalp health. Plus, it’s a huge time saver. 


When washing/conditioning, it’s amazing what a difference quality and specifically formulated products make. Choosing natural products (no useless fillers or harsh chemicals) means you hair will be well taken care of and helps prevent further damage to your locks. Luckily, our favourite brands have also come out with colour specific products to give you a boost in between salon visits or prevent unwanted tones from coming through. 


Many of our ashy blonde clients will be very familiar with blue or purple products that banish brassiness. Those with red, copper, brown or golden hair shouldn’t feel left out through – Davines carries an amazing line that has everyone covered! Within the Davines Alchemic collection you will find products to suit any colour, natural or colour treated. 

Ask your stylist for their top recommendations at your next service and keep your hair looking fresh in between visits! 


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