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Locks of Love

donating hair Canada

We have the privilege of helping many clients donate their hair. It’s always an exciting challenge to make such a big change for someone, and fun to be doing so for such a good cause. If you have been thinking about growing your hair out or taking the chop for charity, here’s what you should keep in mind: 


hair for charity

To donate to the Canadian Cancer Society, hair must be a minimum 8 inches in length. This is a great case for the measure twice, cut once rule! 


Hair Donation 

While we love hair colour as much as any other stylists, donated hair must be in a natural state.  Colour treated or permed hair does not meet the donation requirements. 


Girl Donates Hair

Donated hair must be secured in a ponytail and cut off above the elastic. This way, the hair stays together and is much easier to work with. Hair must also be completely dry and sealed tightly in a zipper-lock bag. 

For more information about donating your hair, check out the Canadian Cancer Society’s website. A huge thank you to all our lovely clients who have let us be a part of their giving back. 


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