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The Biggest Hair Trends for 2017

Another year has gone by – and though some might argue the quality of 2016 as a whole, we prefer to look forward at all the good things this year could have to offer. One of those things is a new crop of hair trends! 

Last year we saw a huge rise in the popularity of bold coloured locks, with everything from pastels to jewel tones being requested by clients of every age. Balayage was the obvious knock out of the year, with the easy-to-maintain and gorgeous hair colour winning over the hearts of Vancouver. 



Pastels have been taken to the next level with metallic coloured dye. The addition of silver makes for super soft, gorgeous colour. 

Super Sleek 

sleek hair

2016 was all about curls, and though they aren’t going anywhere, we are also embracing those straight irons once again. Sleek and shiny hair is being worn by a ton of celebrities and will be a popular choice for the rest of us this year as well. 

Grown out Shag

grown out shag

You know those beautiful lobs we all got last year? As they grow out, we are going to see a ton of cute shaggy shoulder length hair styles emerging. Relaxed middle parted bangs make the look even more on point.  

Flat Waves 


While beachy waves will always be our go-to, using your flat iron to create a less voluminous and flatter wave is a new look for 2017. 

Natural Hair Texture 

natural hair texture

Embrace your natural hair this year! Your locks will thank you by being healthier, and you can also hit snooze on that alarm when you won’t have to struggle against your hair’s natural texture every day. Depending on what your hair is like without heat tools, boost it up by using a good wave spray or hair oil. 

Mid-Length with Layers 


Mid-Length hair is always going to be popular. It’s easier to take care of, easy to style and looks great universally. Shake things up a little with some layers! 

Bun Braids 


Those lazy bun days can look so much more put together with a simple braid. There are a ton of styles, from french braids below the bun to a braid wrapped around the base. You’re sure to find one that works for you and isn’t that much more effort. 

What hair will you get in 2017? 


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